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Re-roofs and Tear-offs

To rebuild or replace: that is the question. Let’s face it, both options are a major decision, yet both go hand in hand.

If you decide to do a re-roof, the ultimate decision that sets the overall stage for your home is whether install your new roof layer over your old one or go with the tear off option. There are a few advantages if you decide to install a new roof over your old one that include:

  • cost effective
  • Time saving
  • environmentally friendly

If you decide to go with a tear off, you’re probably thinking it’s going to be a major inconvenience, but there are still advantages with this option; the strong points of a tear include the following:

  • Roof decks will be inspected thoroughly
  • If there is any water damage that has rotted through, then it can be replaced immediately
  • Increase in the overall value of your home
  • A fresh, new look

At Savannah Roofs, we understand this is a major decision and we assure we will be constantly communicating and updating you with information; we are here to make this transition as painless and as seamless as possible, no matter what decision you come to.

Re-roofs and Tear-offs

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